Shanghai Delon Special Rivet Manufacture Co.,Ltd ,established in 1991,is one of the most competitive Rivet Fastener Suppliers in China Mainland.
Delon specializes in designing, researching, producing Rivet Fasteners , products series covering:Different materials for
Standard , Structure ,Tri-fold , High Strength Rivet and Rivet Nuts.
  After long-term coopertation with International Companies ,Delon masters technology for High-level Rivet-forming .
Delon OEM products are widely used in High-Speed Train , Electronic Equipment ,Industry Area , Machines and Decoration area.
  In the near future , Delon new manufacture center will be put into running, we are warmly invite you to become our partners to
expand business and wealth. We will support you competitive products and the value-added service as well.
  Welcome to contact with us.

狄龙优势 / DELON Advantage


All Series Products:

Germany,Italy,China Taiwan Machines Cover All Series Rivet and Rivet Nuts              


Competitive Products:

ERP System Tracing Quality and Process to Offer Reliability and Competition



Quick Response to Order: 

5000㎡ Warehouse and Half-Finished Warehouse Become Flexiable Supply                       



Customization Fastener:

Owned Tooling Team Design the Tooling to Meet Different and High Standard



Sevices for Buyer: 

Including Samples offer,Solution Selection ,Supply Chain ,Customer Complaint




发展历程 / Development Path

核心技术 / Core technology





合作伙伴 / Partners



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